How to get started

Setting up your LinkProduct is easy. Simply link it to your account, and you’re ready to start using your LinkProduct to network, share links, or take your campaign to the next level!

Every LinkProduct has an ID and pairing code

You can find your ID and pairing code on the packaging or accompanying letter of your LinkProduct. Your pairing code is protected by a scratch-off layer and needs to be scratched off.

Step 1 – Find your LinkProduct

Enter your LinkProdcuts’ LinkProduct-ID and pairing code in order to retrieve your product. Both values are case-sensitive. Your LinkProduct must not be registered to another account yet.

Step 2 – Link to your account

Once you found your product, you can link it to your account. Enter your e-mail address and either create an account or enter your password to log in.

Not registered yet? Confirm your e-mail and set a password, and you’ll find your LinkProduct waiting for you in your account. Otherwise, your LinkProduct will be added to your existing account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I reset my password in case I forget it?

On the My LinkProducts login screen, press “reset password”, enter the e-mail address associated with your LinkProducts account, and follow the instructions you get in your e-mail.

Do I need to create a separate account for all my LinkProducts?

No. If you already have an account with us, your new LinkProduct can be easily added to your account. This way, you manage all your LinkProducts easily from one account.

Help! I entered the wrong e-mail address or I made a typo.

If this happens, your LinkProduct will be assigned to the wrong e-mail address. Contact our team at with your LinkProducts-ID, pairing code, and correct e-mail address. This can only be done if your LinkProduct hasn’t been set up with any services yet.

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