Smart Digital Networking with LinkProducts

Are you tired of traditional business cards and sharing your details using printed business cards or QR codes? Upgrade to smart digital networking with LinkProducts. Our range of smart digital products simplifies the way you share contact details and links and offers a seamless and interactive experience for your audience.

LinkCard: The Ultimate Digital Business Card

Looking for a more innovative and modern way to share your contact details and links? Look no further than LinkCard, the ultimate digital business card. With NFC technology, simply tap your LinkCard to someone’s phone and they’ll be taken to your personalized page. Plus, there’s no need to reprint your business cards when your details change!

LinkBand: Wearable Smart Digital Networking

Upgrade your networking game with LinkBand, a smart digital wristband that can store all your contact details and links. Ideal for events, conferences, and trade shows, LinkBand enables easy contact sharing with a tap.

LinkSticker: Hassle-Free Link Sharing

Looking for a hassle-free way to share your links? LinkSticker, a small and discreet smart digital sticker, is the solution. Place it on a variety of surfaces and let people access your link with ease. It’s perfect for promoting your business, campaign, or event

LinkFob: Smart Digital Keychain

In industrial and professional settings, carrying a wristband may not be suitable. That’s why we offer LinkFob, a smart digital keychain that provides the same capabilities as other LinkProducts such as the LinkCard and LinkBand. With just a tap, people can access your contact details and links.

Personalized Pages for Professional Branding

All our products come with a personalized page that you can customize with your own branding and information. This ensures that you provide your audience with a professional and polished experience that reflects your business or campaign.

Smart Digital Networking with NFC Technology

At LinkProducts, we utilize NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to enable quick and easy sharing of contact details and links. With just a tap, people can access your personalized page and easily save your contact details to their phone. This technology ensures that you stay ahead of the game when it comes to smart digital networking.

Upgrade to smart digital networking today with LinkProducts. Simplify the way you share contact details and links, and unlock new opportunities for your business or campaign.

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